In 1996, Ece Yalım and Oğuz Yalım set up Artful Interior Design Company gathering different design approaches by adding up their early experiences. Since then, they have been working on designs of a wide variety of interior projects.

Each of their interior design works have been supported with their especially designed products according to space.

That approach led them to enlarge their team and scope of their work, by setting up the product design department; Ece Yalım Design Studio in 2005, under the roof of Artful Interior Design Co. Meanwhile Feride Toprak has joined their team.

The objects they design have their roots in space design as a natural result of their longtime interior design experiences. Keywords of all their designs are; aesthetic, innovative, creative with no compensation from function and quality, which requires a very critical working process and to create usage scenarios based on strong stories. To come up with a strong ‘human-space-object’ relationship is the common approach to their design process, no matter which trend is ‘in’ at the moment.



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